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The Top Ten Blu-Ray Catalog Releases of 2018

Top Twenty Five Blu-Ray 2018

10. Scalpel (Arrow Video) 

Discoveries are a major part of my top ten lists of Blu-Rays every year.  Part of the fun of being a critic, and film fan is that you get films to review that you know little or nothing about.  Scalpel is one of those films.  From the moment I saw it over a hot spring Sunday afternoon I knew that I saw a new favorite.  Director John Grissmer has created a Southern Gothic Noir that’s just the right side of kink and overwrought melodrama.  Arrow Video has included a host of great extras but it’s the amazing transfers they’ve included.  Yes, transfers as in two transfers both differently color corrected.  

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9. Zombie (Blue Underground) 

Lucio Fulci is a mad genius.  Zombie is proof personified of this.  Blue Underground has given us everything and the kitchen sink with regards to special features.  It is the transfer though that is the crow jewel of this set.  The 4K remaster of the negative is drop-dead gorgeous (pun intended).

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8. 12 Monkeys (Arrow Video) 

This is the Terry Gilliam film that continues to grow in esteem for me. Time Travel when done right is one of the most satisfying sub genres in film.  Most times the time travel is used to create a pop confection of the highest order (see: Back to the Future).  Gilliam and screenwriters Janet and Davide Peoples have created a film that is designed to emotionally devastate.  Arrow Video have produced a disc that is worthy of the film.  Including both archival features, new features, and a new 2K transfer that glows. 

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7. The Hot Rock (Twilight Time) 

Another discovery.  This was actually the first film that I watched on my new TV.  Talk about a film that’s designed to please. The Hot Rock might well turn out to be one of my favorite crime films ever. I mean you have Robert Redford better than he’s ever been… cooler than he’s ever been.  Add a cracklingly good William Goldman script (from a Donald Westlake novel), lean economical direction by Peter Yates, and an all-time supporting performance by George Segal. Twilight Time has included a commentary, isolated score (a great Quincy Jones one), and theatrical trailer. 

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