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The Top Ten Blu-Ray Catalog Releases of 2018

Top Twenty Five Blu-Ray 2018

Adam takes stock of the year that was 2018 in boutique home video releases and counts down the best the year has to offer.

2018 much like 2017 was supposedly the year that Phsyical Media died.  Never mind we have a blossoming new format in 4K UHD.  Never mind the fact that we have Botique labels doing some of the best work they’ve ever done.  Never mind that said Botique labels are finally getting access to some of the bigger studio fare. 

Like in 2017, this is all a rumpus to get clicks. Physical Media isn’t going anywhere. It may cost you more.  It may be something like Vinyl that is slowly becoming a niche market but its not dying.  Soon those that love to stream will loose the simple access to their beloved titles, something that a Disc Collector doesn’t have a problem with, and many will turn back to physical media.  

I’m not here to bully pulpit you guys.  We’re here to celebrate the year that was the best releases of 2018 and there was a ton.  We here on the site review closed to 120+ titles alone.  There were hundreds of releases, almost too many too count and watch.  But I’ve whittled it down to 25 titles this year; 15 runnerups, 10 top picks, No cheats this year, or ties.  This list does not include any Box Sets released this year, just single film releases. You can read our Box Set best of list here.  

Without further ado… 

The Runner Up List: 

25. Urban Legends: Final Cut (Scream Factory)

My Original Review

24. Urban Legend (Scream Factory) 

My Original Review

23. Cliffhanger UHD 4k (Studio Canal) 

22. Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno (Arrow Academy)

My Original Review

21. Basket Case (Arrow Video)

My Original Review

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