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The Top Ten Blu-Ray Catalog Releases of 2018

Top Twenty Five Blu-Ray 2018

6. The Changeling (Severin Films) 

I had heard of The Changeling for twenty years. Yes, twenty years.  I did not think it would live up to its reputation.  

Wow.  I. Was.  Wrong.  

The Changeling represents modern horror filmmaking forty years before modern horror filmmaking happened.  An emotional story about loss that’s as scary as anything you’ll see… sounds like Heredity right?  Without The Changeling movies like Hereditary would never happen or exist.  Severin Films has loaded this truly special film with truly special features and a wonder 4K transfer. 

5. Valley Girl (Shout Select) 

Some will think that this placement is weird for me. A Rom Com in Adam’s Top Ten Blu-Ray choices?  He hates Rom Coms.  Well, that isn’t true.  I don’t hate Rom Coms.  Let us clarify… I had bad Rom Coms.  Which are about a dime a dozen.  Martha Coolidge’s Valley Girl is an all-time great Rom Com.  Romeo and Juliet by way of Punk Rock and Valley culture.  Something this reviewer here is very very very close to (writer’s note: I’ve lived my entire life in fabled “The Valley” of Valley Girl).  The film gets the deluxe treatment by Shout Factory via their Shout Select Label it so rightfully deserves. 

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4. Candyman (Scream Factory) 

Candyman only gets better with age.  Scream Factory has gone above and beyond with the property knowing that this is a stone-cold classic to the horror community.  Two versions spread across two discs along with a host of commentaries, making-of featurettes, interviews, and trailers. It is ultimately the beautiful transfers that makes this disc.  Horror Fans can now trade in their old DVDs for a truly worthy new edition.

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