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Adam’s Top Films of 2022

Adams Top Films of 2022

Honorable Mentions 

Violent Night (dir. Tommy Wirkola) 

Miracle on 34th Street meets Die Hard.  Violent Night is a supreme crowd-pleaser.  The audience I saw it with was drunk and rowdy as fuck.  The film delivers on the promise of Santa going to fuck shit up.  

The Whale (dir. Darren Aronofsky) 

A brilliant performance by Brendan Frasier.  All the awards.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (Dir. Tom Gormican) 

Nicolas Cage in a bromantic comedy of the highest order.  Pedro Pascal teaches Cage how to be Cage again.  

The Outfit (dir. Graham Moore) 

EVERYONE.  SLEPT.  ON.  THIS.  FILM.  This film is smart and brave enough to make Mark Rylance its lead and paid the price for it.  We’ll be talking about this movie in a decade and people will ask, “why’d we sleep on it?”  The answer is, I didn’t.  You did.  You all did. 

The Northman (dir. Robert Eggers)

Bob loves him some Millius Conan.  Burns $90 million on an esoteric Viking Flick.  I love it.

Tar (dir. Todd Field) 

Cate Blanchett is the GOAT.  The real GOAT.  

Hunt (dir. Lee Jung-jae) 

Directors be like “I wanna make a hard-hitting spy thriller.”  Directors make Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy… blergh!!!  Lee says he wants to make a spy thriller… it’s the hardest-hitting spy thriller with tinges of melodrama.  Best of all, it’s not a snooze-fest, but rather one of the more entertaining films of the year. 

Fast & Feel Love (dir. Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit) 

The only Fast & … movie that I’ve cared about in the last ten years (when was Fast Five???).  Yeah, put that in the bank. In all seriousness this coming-of-age story about competitive cup stacking may be one of the most surprising film of the year.  

Bad City (dir. Kensuke Sonomura)

There are crime thrillers.  There are Crime Thrillers.  There are CRIME THRILLERS.  Then there’s Bad City.  Proof that Keanu is not the only old man that knows jujitsu that can fuck some shit up. 

A Wounded Fawn (dir. Travis Stevens) 

The best Giallo-inspired film in a very long time.  Very long time.  

Bonus Points: The film was shot in 16mm!!!

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