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Adam’s Top Films of 2022

Adams Top Films of 2022

Adam closes out the best of 2022 discussion with his XXL list of the Top Films of 2022.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten grumpier about “top” lists.  It’s all a hive mind.  People all love the same movies all the time. Not even love them.  They feel like their list must be about what’s considered “important”.  

This list consists of 30 films. 

Honorable Mentions (10) 

The Good (10)

The Elite (9)

The Best Films of the Year (1) 

The only film that has a number designated to it is the #1 film.  The rest all could trade places with one another on a given day in my head.  This year more than any other I feel that’s the truth.  I know I’m grouping them in a sort of fashion but it’s more to make this unwieldy bastard child I’ve created makes more sense. 

The films are presented in alphabetical order to ensure there’s no way to figure it out.  Why???  Because there is no real order.  I’ll give at least one sentence for each film to give some kind of context.  

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