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Marie’s Top Ten Films of 2020

Marie's Top Ten 2020

Number 8        One Night in Miami (dir Regina King)

I had an opportunity to see this as part of London Film Festival at the last minute, and it stuck with me for ages afterwards. It’s true that it retains some of the staginess of the play on which it is based, but director Regina King has corralled her excellent cast to create an ensemble piece that highlights differences, strengthens bonds, ask questions, and is also highly entertaining to watch.

Number 7        Mangrove (dir Steve McQueen)

Another London Film Festival viewing, and another treat. While it may have a touch of the BBC drama about it and slightly less of the cinematic, it is absolutely a must-watch. The first of Steve McQueen’s five-part anthology Small Axe is compelling, and contains some extremely strong performances. The other four films in the series are also strong and it’s hard to single out one, but Mangrove took top slot for me.

Number 6        Beanpole (dir Kantemir Balagov)

One of the first films I saw in 2020 and it haunts still. Two women in post-war Leningrad try to rebuild their lives while experiencing the effects of PTSD and a terrible trauma. Beanpole feels gentle yet is brutal; it looks beautiful yet depicts savagery; it’s fascinating and yet basic on a very human level.

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