In preparation for our Alternate Oscars Podcast, we present to you our nominees for the Alternate Oscars. Vote now:

We are always outraged by the Oscar Snubs year in and year out. The 2020 Snubs seemed to be especially painful to The Movie Isle. Rather than writing some Think Piece/Hot Take on the subject. We decided to do something about it. Like all good websites in 2020…

We are going to Podcast about it.

Moreso, than Podcast. We’re going to create our own Alt-Oscar Nominee List and Award Show. Here how it works. All of the nominees are culled from people NOT nominated for an Oscar this year. Looking at the list below one could say that we’ve “fixed” the Oscars. Others will probably say we’re crazy.

Each Writer was allowed to pick a Primary and Backup nominee. Based on their lists a group of Four was selected. Below each writer who nominated said Film or Artisan will discuss the reasons why she/he/it was chosen.

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Voting in each category will be open until Saturday, January 25th at 9:00 am EST when we will record our Podcast. Vote as often as you want!

Without further ado;

Best Picture

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Portrait of a Lady on Fire – Neon

Portrait of a Lady on Fire is as ravishing a love story as put on screen in a very long time. This methodical, brilliant, beautiful, warmly executed romantic drama defies all misconceptions of what a “costume drama” and what a “romantic” film are. The film breaks your heart as it makes it soar.” – Adam Kautzer

Transit – Music Box Films

Transit is what you get if Kafka wrote Casablanca and set it in 2019. The gates of hell are the visa offices in the US Embassy, and purgatory is a wine bar in Marseille.” – Marie O’Sullivan

Uncut Gems – A24

Uncut Gems is a frenetic, tension-filled, grotesque piece of entertainment that features an otherworldly performance from Adam Sandler. With meticulous direction from Josh and Benny Safdie, this film should have easily taken a Best Picture spot.” – Shane Singletary

Waves – A24

“Trey Edward Shults is a master at telling stories of family dysfunction.  This tale of a family slowly coming unraveled should’ve received many nominations including Best Picture.” – Scott Phillips

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