Best Support Actor – Female

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Diana Lin – The Farewell

“Sometimes a performance is so on the nose perfectly realized that people take it for granted. Diana Lin’s performance as Billi’s mother Lu Jian. If you have had an Asian Mother in your life, you know how amazingly realize this performance is (yes, both my grandmother and mother are of Asian descent). Lin gives a performance that’s filled with anger, sadness, frustration, and joy. Best of all; it’s done mostly through looks and reactions.” – Adam Kautzer

Jennifer Lopez – Hustlers

“This was an omission I never saw coming. Jennifer Lopez’s performance in Hustlers was overwhelmingly lauded by critics and fans alike. I don’t really have any answers for why she was overlooked but to me, it’s an egregious mistake. She was the best thing about Hustlers and gave one of the truly great supporting performances of the entire year.” – Shane Singletary

Taylor Russell – Waves

“Kelvin Harrison, Jr. carries the first half of Trey Edward Shults’ family drama, and Russell carries the second half.  The baton that Harrison hands to Russell midway through the film is a heavy one, but she carries it with ease, making audiences care about the “little sister” caught in the wake of her big brother’s choices.” – Scott Phillips

Octavia Spencer – Luce

“Spencer plays the teacher on the receiving end of Luce’s impenetrability, under stress from all sides. She’s perplexed, confused, and potentially victimised – and the audience feels every second of it.” – Marie O’Sullivan

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