Best Screenplay (Adapted and Original)

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Christian Petzold – Transit (adapted from the novel by Anna Seghers)

“Petzold has beautifully and seamlessly transferred the ideas from the original novel set in 1942 to a contemporary day setting, capturing the plight of modern-day refugees while maintaining a traditional WWII-style atmosphere.” – Marie O’Sullivan

The Safdie Brothers & Ronald Bronstein – Uncut Gems

“A layered complex script that plays like the entire film is improvised.  The overlapping dialogue and gambling lingo gives Uncut Gems an authenticity that most gritty, urban films never achieve.” – Scott Phillips

Trey Edward Shults – Waves

“Trey Edward Shults is a fascinating filmmaker that seems interested in making films that defy the standard form. This is definitely the case with his latest film, Waves. His script starts down one road and midway through it skirts onto the shoulder, jumps the curb and heads for another road entirely and I praise this bold choice. The film literally broke my heart not once, not twice but numerous times throughout. While it’s not the easiest watch, it’s a script that truly moved me and one I won’t soon forget.” – Shane Singletary

Lena Waithe – Queen and Slim

“Like a ton of bricks. That’s how Queen and Slim hit me on a random Saturday night in December when my fiancee and I decided to watch it. The script from Waithe (who’s TV Show The Chi is The Wire-Level type good) is layered in so many different ways about Culture. From Love Jones to making your own choices to Skinny Luther or Fat Luther to family to trust to violence. Waithe creates a heady brew that is unlike anything we have seen before.” – Adam Kautzer

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