Best Supporting Actor – Male

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Willem Dafoe – The Lighthouse

“Do I really need to say why?  This was the most egregious omission of them all.” – Scott Phillips

Song Kang-Ho – Parasite

“Foreign language films have almost universally been shutout of the standard acting categories but based on what I had seen from the critics’ groups I was a bit surprised that Song Kang-ho was not nominated. His portrayal as the patriarch of the Kim family is stunning. He perfectly plays the beaten down, working-class character with such relatability that even when the 3rd act shift takes place we follow along without skipping a beat. A fantastic performance.” – Shane Singletary

Tzi Ma – The Farewell

“Tzi Ma is just a wonderful performer. None-more so than here as Billi’s father Haiyan Wang who plays a lot of the movie drunk. Drunk is a hard thing to pull off. Harder still a Chinese man who is losing his mother pouring his emotions into a bottle – drunk. Tzi Ma makes it look all too easy. Trust me, it’s not and it is a rare treat to see something so delicately detailed as Haiyan Wang’s slow meltdown is.” – Adam Kautzer

Wendell Pierce – Burning Cane

“A soul-wrenching performance as Reverend Tillman – a man of God, yet with feet of clay. He preaches to his congregation, but his own words ring hollow in his own heart. Pierce makes him pathetic yet very human.” – Marie O’Sullivan

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