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Adam’s Top Twenty Films of 2019

Adam Top Twenty 2019

In a year filled with as much Interesting as there was Dreadful, Adam makes up a list of twenty of his favorite films that is sure to baffle some and upset others.

So, here’s how it’s going to go.  There are twenty films.  A Top Five Ranking.  The rest are in alphabetical order.  I do this because realistically 5 – 20 could be reranked any way as I mostly feel about them.  Hell, this year it could probably be all but my top three could be mixed around.  I should make a special mention to films that I liked a lot but didn’t make my list;

Always be My Maybe

Apollo 11

High Flying Bird

High Life


Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood


All were great and highly entertaining but lacked something to push them up into my greater list.  Yes, you can be mad at my list but it’s my list.  It’s what I feel best represents my experience and the best of what 2019 had to offer.  

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