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Marie’s Top Ten Films of 2018

Marie's Top Ten of 2018

4 – First Man

A terrifying opening sequence and a memorable, silent, end shot – with a lot of beautiful action happening in between. Damien Chazelle has crafted a compelling film featuring a taciturn man, which seems to defy logic.

3 – A Fantastic Woman

Daniela Vega imbues Marina with such dignity. Sebastián Lelio has woven a beautiful, fantastic tale about a very fantastic woman. It was an honour to meet her.

2 – Capernaum

A young runaway takes the spotlight in Nadine Labaki’s film, and as a portrait of resilience, it’s stunning – and then you remember that this should not be happening to a 12-year-old. The small kindnesses which are exchanged along the way are magnified among the hardships which are endured. Not an easy watch, but remarkable and challenging with a final shot that steals your heart.

1 – Shoplifters

Kore-eda has already proven himself to be an expert at portraying family dynamics and unusual relationships. Shoplifters introduces us to three generations living together who, it turns out, are linked by a need to belong and be loved rather than by blood. A sublime portrayal of how a family can become a loving and supportive unit when both society and blood ties let it down.

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