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Unfinished Business: Adam’s Top Ten List of 2021 That Never Was

Adam's Top Ten 2021

Before the best of lists of 2022, Adam has some unfinished business.  That unfinished business is his Top Ten of 2021. 

Why did it happen?  

I felt like no one wanted to hear the same ten films poured out.  That’s what I had to offer.  I probably still do have to offer that same boring ass list.  After posting Marie’s beautiful Top Ten list of 2021… honestly, I felt like that was the best list and represented The Movie Isle’s ideals and what we do here.  

So cut to now the end of 2022.  It feels strange to post one for 2022 if I don’t give context from last year.  With that in mind here is where I started with 2021 back 12 months ago….

I don’t know what to say about 2021.  Everything I would say seems redundant.  It was terrible.  I suffered a tragic loss.  I pushed through.  It feels like everyone experienced this sort of year as a collective whole.  Those that had “hot boy” or “hot girl” spring-summer-fall-and-winters … good for you.  I’m glad you did.  

This doesn’t have anything to do with the business at hand. What were the Top Ten Films of 2021?  Well, it does in the fact that I wasn’t sure how to start this entire article and what to say.  Films were like 2021 in a way.  Disappointments were aplenty.  You could find the good, but you had to be willing to dig and take chances. 

What you have is a list that I hope feels like a Pro-Cinema list.  One that has a Worldly flavor to it.  Filled with some daring material.  Some studio-produced products.  Some purely artistically driven pieces.  Some wildly gonzo.  Some angry.  Some quiet.  All truly worthy of discussion.  

Funny, looking back on this and the 2021 List as it stood, and it’s a fairly accurate assessment of the year that was for me.  Without anymore comment or revelry here is my 2021 as I had left it around 1/10/2022:

20. Tie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (Dir. Destin Daniel Cretton) / 

Spider-Man: No Way Home (Dir. Jon Watts) 

19. The Suicide Squad (Dir. James Gunn) 

18. In the Heights (Dir. Jon M. Chu) 

17. Nobody (Dir. Ilya Naishuller) 

16. Fear Street Trilogy (Dir. Leigh Janiak)

15. No Sudden Move  (Dir. Steven Soderbergh)

14. The Mitchells vs the Machines (Dir. Michael Rianda and, Jeff Rowe)

13. Malignant  (Dir. James Wan) 

12. Passing (Dir. Rebecca Hall) 

11. Bendetta (Dir. Paul Verhoven)

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