We begin the journey into the great beyond (in Cinema).

A Brief Note as we begin our strange and wonderful journey into the world of cinema.

First and foremost … Welcome to the Movie Isle.

What can we expect from the site?

The MovieIsle.com is a film site that in my dream of dreams will eventually be something more akin to Premiere Magazine during its heyday of the 1990’s.  Reviews, Long Reads, Oral Histories, Video Essays, Podcasts, and the like.  The content we produce will respect where cinema comes from and examine what it’s moving towards.

We will always attempt to be progressive in our viewpoints and counterpoints.  A clean style that combines our core values to inform, entertain and respect Film Past, Film Present, and Film Future — with a dash of contrarian opinions thrown in for good measure.

Who am I?  

I’m A.W. Kautzer.  I’m 39-years-old.  Like Paul Thomas Anderson before me, I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. I have written and podcasted about film and TV for FilmDispenser.com since December 2013.  Some of you may listen to the podcast curated/hosted by me called The B-Movie Podcast.

Also, why another Film Website?

As of this writing, FilmDispenser.com is soon to close shop.  Spencer Howard, the great Editor-In-Chief/Founder is moving on to an exciting venture that he and a talented group of content providers will announce shortly.  I am genuinely excited for this next chapter in Spencer’s career.  He’s worked hard.  Invested hours upon hours.  Won battles.  All the while being a great Captain.  He managed to run a film site, have a full-time job, and be a full-time father and fulltime husband.  I’m saddened I won’t be working with the man I share a birthday with… but I’m excited about this chance for Spencer to take his career to the next level.

Oh, Captain, my Captain.  It was a great-great run.

As exciting as that is, it did leave me in a bit of a quandary.  I had no place to write.  Thoughts did turn to seeking freelance work.  Another thought occurred and stayed with me: why not start my own site?  That idea, as crazy as it is, stuck in my brain. Thus, The Movie Isle was born, and no, it’s not missing an “A”.

Who are the Writers and Podcasters?

Currently, the writers/podcasters on staff are Marie O’Sullivan, Scott Philips, and Logan Polk,  all of whom I will let do their own introductions.  I’ve written and podcasted with each of them.  They are great writers with unique voices and points of view.  They have a love and passion for cinema that cannot be faked.  I can’t wait for you guys to read and listen to the articles, series, and podcasts they’re planning on producing.

Where do we go from here?

Into the great unknown.  Nervously excited about this new venture and the voices we’ll bring to you as a reader/listener/viewer.  This does remind me… as we are starting off and have articles beginning… the site still would’ve looked empty.  So, I’ve ported over some of my reviews and articles to read from Film Dispenser.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us in the comments section and our general email which is: themovieisle@gmail.com

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