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A Room of My Own – London Film Festival 2022

A Room of My Own

Marie’s final report from #LFF22 hops over to Tbilisi, Georgia, to discover how difficult it is for contemporary young women to obtain some kind of independence in a patriarchal society.

Two very different young women – the reserved Tina (Taki Mumladze) and the outgoing Megi (Marika Khundadze) – find themselves sharing an apartment in Tbilisi. It’s not ideal for either of them – Megi needs someone to help pay her rent, and Tina is waiting to move in with her boyfriend, having fled an abusive marriage. As the two women become more acquainted, they gradually discover that they can learn from each other and find the courage to change the way their futures will play out.

Georgian cinema, at least the cinema that picks up distribution internationally, seems to be in a great phase these last few years. Indeed, Letterboxd tells me that I have yet to see a Georgian film that I didn’t like, and A Room of My Own is no different.

Lead actor Mumladze co-wrote the story with director Iosep Bliadze, which explores traditional female roles and independence in contemporary Georgia. There’s an undercurrent of political and societal discussion, but the focus is mainly on Tina and her personal battle to find her way in life and gain confidence and freedom after a traumatic period.

A Room of My Own shows that Mumladze can both write and act, and although the film dragged ever so slightly in the final third, it still keeps the clean sheet of likes for Georgian films that I have seen.

A Room of My Own plays at the London Film Festival from 15th October 2022 and is available to stream in the UK on BFI Player from 14th to 23rd October.