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Adam’s Top Twenty of 2020

Adam's Top 2020

Spontaneous (dir. Brian Duffield) 

Let’s be honest.  High School films suck.  Well, most of them do.  We love them but realistically only about the top 5% really matter.  Spontaneous is one of those top 5%.  When a mysterious virus begins to make New Jersey High School Seniors explode the government, scientists, and media all converge to poke and prod them.  The Brian Duffield film relishes in bucking the conventions of the YA genre as much as he does leaning into it.  An R-Rating ensures that Mara (Katherine Langford) and her fellow students react appropriately to everything.  As good as the film is, and it’s very good, it’s Katherine Langford’s star-making performance that is the showstopper here.

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Sound of Metal (dir. Darius Marder)

Riz Ahmed has become the GOAT.  See this film.  That is all.

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Sheep without a Shepard (dir. Sam Quah)

I can see it now.  They’ve already bought the remake rights.  Invariably they will remake this one in English.  It will lose all of its power.  Why?  Because they’ll have missed the point.  Sheep without a Shepard proposes the question; what would you do for your family?  An in the hands of director Quah (who adapted the film from a popular Indian film) it becomes about not just the hurt inflicted by a moment of violence but what it takes to heal.  Sheep Without a Shepard is a masterful piece of tension that is made all the more special by the level of emotional truth in its final twenty minutes.  

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The Paper Tigers (dir. Quoc Bao Tran)

Sometimes a film hits you in the sweet spot for a film fan.  How the film comes together in its third act is what separates this from just your run of the mill action comedy to something elevated.  It never takes itself too seriously but knows when it needs to make an impact.  The Paper Tigers by its end has earned its place in our hearts and minds not just because it kicks ass, but it manages to do so with a bit of heart and a lot of genuine laughs.  Like the Three Dragons, the film definitely lives up to the hype but in the most unexpected ways.  

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