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The B-Movie Podcast: The Best Films of the 2010s


We are back talking Best Films of… but we’re tackling the entire decade!

Adam has brought back Marie for a special discussion about their Top Fifteen (not just ten!) Films of the 2010s.

Just like the decade, the films go from the wildly popular to the wildly esoteric on both their lists. Adam and Marie’s choices don’t necessarily line up (in fact, they only have three choices between them that are the same) but that just means that there are more choices and discussion of films.

Buckle up as this is a long podcast. Marie should win all the MVP awards for talking about films for over three hours (3:08 to be exact) with Adam. Trust us when we say that the entire podcast is worth the listen. Marie and Adam’s choices could surprise you and their further discourse on each beyond their articles gives us a better understanding of how they both viewed the decade.

Bonus points for anyone that knows the Song that Adam decided to use for the opening and closing of the Podcast.

Click here for Marie’s Top Fifteen of the 2010s

Click here for Adam’s Top Fifteen of the 2010s

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