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Top Film Moments Of 2018

Best Moments of 2018 Marie

The Images

They Shall Not Grow Old – Peter Jackson has performed a literal miracle

They Shall Not Grow Old

Peter Jackson took 100-year-old silent, black & white footage from World War I, and used 21st-century technology to create a documentary which totally immerses a modern day viewer in the field of war.  The point at which the grainy, jumpy images turn into colour, talking film is breathtaking.

Widows – What begins a walk and drive into Economic Geography


Showing just how geographically close the economically deprived and the economically wealthy are located among the corruption of Chicago was a task achieved in a wonderful yet short car journey from one to the other, as envisioned by director Steve McQueen.

Roma – Water is an important part of the entire film and specifically Cleo’s journey


Choose any one from a handful – an aircraft reflected in wet tiles; a scene in a hospital; but in the end, I chose an extended scene right near the end. Alfonso Cuarón points his lens and ensures that we follow Cleo as she walks backward and forwards on the beach, then into the ocean and back on to dry land again.

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