Top Ten Box Sets of 2018

1: Gravity Falls: The Complete Series (Shout Factory) / Blu-Ray

Shout Factory's Gravity Falls Collector's Edition
Shout Factory’s Gravity Falls Collector’s Edition

Nostalgia has become a very dirty word for me.  The looking back at an era with rose colored glasses died for me with the end of The Wonder Years.  I have never been one that feels that a specific era was the best.  I never catch myself saying, “it was better back in my day”.  Isn’t that accepting that your “day” has passed, what I’ve always thought? I mention this because Gravity Falls represents to me the very best of what Nostalgia “can” be.  Gravity Falls manages to take the Amblin Produced Films of the ’80s and ’90s, Stephen King, The X-Files, the work of Steven Spielberg and Joe Dante and spin a new emotionally resonant tale of a Brother, Sister, and their Crazy Uncle into the depths of … well, I’ll let you watch to find out.  Shout Factory licensed the series from Disney and has basically given us everything and the kitchen sink; Commentaries on each episode, feature-length making-of documentary, multiple featurettes, deleted scenes, proof of concepts, interviews, music videos, TV Spots, Season Trailers.  Just about everything you could want.  There wasn’t anything that came close to this box set with the love and care that was put into not just the content of the box set but the actual show itself.  It’s one thing to have great extras; it’s entirely different to have great extras for a great title.  Gravity Falls is the sterling example of the latter. 

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