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Casual Gamer Vol. 4: Spider-Man does whatever a Spider-Man Does…


Miles Morales gets his own game and it rocks.

Honest talk, the Spider-Man movies are good, but the Spider-Man games have always been Next Level great.  With Spider-Man: Miles Morales they’ve officially eclipsed the films by a wide margin, maybe not Into The Spiderverse.  

Fond memories of this game…

I still remember when I played Spider-Man for the PS2 a few months after the release of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man(2002).  It was everything I could ask for from a video game of the character.  Quippy Pete, Bad Guys Aplenty, hell… even the B-Movie God Bruce Campbell narrating you through the entire ordeal.   Since then, Sony Entertainment’s video game arm has set the bar for what piece of Spider-Media (besides the comics) is the du jour choice of fandom.  

The Video Games!

Even when the movies are terrible.  The games are always great and strive for an experience and story that’s both emotional and highly entertaining.  

The first appearance of Miles … comics better for it.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a continuation of Spider-Man (2018) pickup just a year after the events of that game.  Miles is left on his own as Pete and MJ are on a “working holiday”.  All hell breaks loose for Miles as he’s forced to fight a very personal battle against The Tinkerer and other characters.  

Climb Avenger’s Tower and get a selfie…

A combination of Open World and Story-based gaming this game like the Uncharted series is designed to be fun and engrossing.  Of course, you can up the difficulty, but the story and open world is the showcase here.  Taking place over a New York Winter one can search the five Burroughs of NYC, climb the Avengers Tower, take the subway, take down villains, search for some sick beats (you’ll get it once you get into the story), and of course up your levels to get those sweet moves and of course Spider-Costumes!

What I love about the game is that Miles Morales is front and center and it’s his story and some of the villains and characters that inhabit his world in the comics.  I’ve always been drawn to Miles since he first appears in Comics.  Any mixed-race kid (which I am) or person of color felt a bit of ownership towards Miles.  He was different than Peter but still held the Spider-Man ideals at heart.  

Playing Miles here is a delight for any fan of him in the comics or fan of gaming.  The way that writers Jon Paquette and Ben Arfmann write him is almost perfect.  There’s a sense of loving his community, loving his family, and being a total geek that will delight fans.  The fact they’ve brought in his specific power sets and keyed in on how to make those work in the fighting engine is going to knock people out, if they haven’t played.

Of course, the question does come up of how it compares to the original 2018 Insomniac game for the PS4?  Having just recently started playing that game (if you bought the deluxe edition of Spider-Man: Miles Morales you got the remastered version of 2018 for free as a download), I can tell you that I prefer this sequel.  Complaints have been made about the brevity of Spider-Man: Miles Morales but to be perfectly honest with all the side missions it fills out really nice. In fact, it has one of the best side missions and suits you can attain…  

Spider-Man and Spider-Man (Cat) attaining their final form. Note: some NSFW language by the Casual Gamer hisself at the end.

On PS5 the game plays beautifully with absolutely no slowdowns or issues.  The mechanics of the game are easy to pick-up for anyone.  Like the previous game, it’s designed for both Expert Gaming Heads and the Button-Mashers (I’m one in-between).  If one takes the time to learn, there’s an amazing wealth of badass combos that you can deploy as Miles.  Of course, the leveling system, depending on your choice of difficulty, gives our skill points and unlocks items with relative ease.  Side quests are a must for anyone that really wants to get in deep and unlock everything. 

They do offer once you’ve completed the game a version of the game called NewGame+ which is the only way to unlock certain suits and skill sets. So, if you’re a person that likes to go 100% complete on a game you’re gonna have to play this one at least twice.

Note: there is no DLC yet but having only been out for a little more than two months expect to wait a wee bit longer for that.  I’m sure it will be worth the wait.  

The 4K 60FPS HDR image is unreal.  You do notice a huge uptick in quality when playing on a PS5 (I’ve tested it out on a PS4 Pro).  If anything, this gives me a taste of what is going to be possible with the new hardware.  There will be moments where I will just sit atop a high-rise and watch the city in-game.  It’s that impressively rendered.  Color me very very impressed.  

Walking out the Bodega like they KINGS.

All around Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a hell of a game.  Fun to play.  Engrossing story.  Easy game mechanics (especially if you’ve played a Spider-Man game previously).  Be it on PS4 or PS5 this one’s worth your time. 

Remember… make sure to wait for those two (not just one) post-credit sequences. 

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