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Shane’s Discovery List of 2020

Shane's Discovery 2020

8. The Candidate (dir. Michael Ritchie)

The Candidate follows Bill McKay, a candidate for US Senate, who is running with virtually no chance of winning so he says and does things that most politicians would never come out and say.  It’s another film made in the 70s that seems tailor made for the time in which we are living in today.  Definitely worth a watch if you even if you only have a passing interest in American politics.  Also, Robert Redford is about as charming as he’s ever been in this, one of his best performances. 

7. LA Wars (dir. Tony Kandah)

LA Wars is cut from the same cloth as Action USA.  It was a direct to video action knockoff that received the Vinegar Syndrome treatment this year.  It’s another film that features ludicrous action sequences and arguably even more ludicrous line deliveries.  This would make a perfect double feature with Action USA

6. Action USA (dir. John Stewart)

I truly cannot believe this is a real movie.  Created by a group of stunt guys as an excuse to blow things up, crash a ton of cars, and fall from ridiculous heights, it’s a sight to see.  This was the only movie of 2020 that I watched twice in one sitting.  It’s bonkers, ridiculous, and insane, and exactly the type of escapism I needed in 2020.

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