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The B-Movie Podcast: Holiday Anti-Cheer – Batman Returns


Adam is without Scott on this episode where he talks about his Favorite Batman movie, which coincidentally is one of his Favorite Christmas Movies; Batman Returns.

The broken-hearted, PTSD, Trauma, Circus Side Show Attraction, Political Tomfoolery that is Tim Burton’s Batman Returns is the perfect movie about for 2020, which was not made in 2020. 28-years later it is still Adam’s favorite Batman movie for all those descriptives above and more.

Adam discusses;

  • His favorite Batmen (which will not surprise any of the early devotees to the podcast).
  • The way that all the filmmakers (including Film Bro’s Godhead Nolan) STOLE, and continue to steal, from this film.
  • How the film gives us a Batman who uses Bruce Wayne as his disguise as he fights a trifecta of Villians. Something All-Batmans would later follow in the filmic universe.
  • The Stars cast as villains troupe.
  • Using the Holiday season in Action/Genre films.
  • And the prospect of Keaton coming back as Batman in a future film.

Our Closing Music is Siouxsie And The Banshees’ Face to Face

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