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The B-Movie Podcast: KBMP Vol. 1 – Movies and Music to Lift You Up


While Scott is gone, Adam has decided to play DJ and start-up K-BMP.  Music and Movies!!!  

This is a grand experiment.  Adam has been thinking about this for a while now and he figured with anxiety levels through the roof during Election Week what better time to pilot something new.  Not having any agenda this week knowing it would be a rough one, we’ve decided to talk about a few “feel good movies” on the podcast following a track from said movie.  Simple format, brief interludes about the movie.  

Here we go!

Track Listing:

Queen – Princes of the Universe 

John Carpenter – Theme from Big Trouble in Little China 

John Waite – Change 

Meek Mill – Lord Knows / Getting Stronger 

Heavy Duty – Face the Music 

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