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The B-Movie Podcast: Halloween Special – The Final Destination Series


Adam may not have Scott with him right now but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun for Halloween. He’s covering a horror series near and dear to his heart; The Final Destination movies!

If there was a series of Horror films that demanded to be discussed on the B-Movie Podcast it would be The Final Destination series. Much like Adam’s other favorite horror series, Resident Evil, The Final Destination movies get no respect. Or at the very least they are to discussed as often as they should be.

Five films that are all Treats and hardly any Tricks (though Part 2 almost is a Trick). The films are pure joy for horror fans that love elaborate deaths. They’re the Saw Franchise without the overly involved plots and mythology. It’s like a highlight reel of the greatest kills of all time but in movie form. Basically, they’re a slasher film starring the ultimate slasher: DEATH!

Oh, and of course who could forget the indomitable Sir Anthony Todd showing up giving his gravitas for, almost, the entire series.

It’s a lot of fun and Adam is ready to get you to your final destination in time for Halloween!!!

Our closing music is War’s Why Can’t We Be Friends?

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