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Film Review: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020)

Borat Subsequent Movie Film

Sascha Baron Cohen revives one of his most beloved and reviled characters of his career; Borat Sagdiyev.  The surprise sequel is as shocking and hilarious as the first.  

If you would have said that the sequel to a Borat film would be a politically charged razor in any other year than 2020, you’d be labeled crazy.  Here we are in 2020 and Borat Subsequent Moviefilm aka Borat 2 is here and is the funniest of daggers.

It has been 14-years since Borat Sagdiyev (Cohen), fourth-most popular Journalist in Kazakhstan, came to America and made moviefilm.  He returned home to be placed in Jail.  It is only in 2020 that Borat is released from Prison by the Premiere of Kazakhstan and given a mission.  His Mission; to bribe Vice President Pence by gifting him the most famous actor in the country, a Chimp.  This is in hopes to bring back Kazakhstan to its former glory post-Borat 2006.  Borat obliges and heads to America in pursuit of bribery to make his country strong again. 

One thing is certain, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is in every way equal to the 2006 original.  The shock & awe sledgehammer that this film takes to certain “pillars” needs to be seen to be believed.  Cohen takes a blowtorch to America that has one laughing as much as one will gasp in shock that the film went there.  This reviewer will not mention the details but needless to say that topic is one that Borat does not touch.  Part of the genius of the film is that they care enough to concoct an actual plot that makes sense in Borat’s universe.  

Made in a shroud of secrecy, much is better left unsaid or uncritiqued (as it would require discussion on what actually occurs in the film).  Borat Subsequent Moviefilm had this reviewer laughing consistently and so much so that he will have to watch the film again upon release by Amazon Prime.  It is the type of film that cannot really be discussed without ruining so much that Cohen and the behind the scenes crew worked so hard, sometimes at risking Cohen’s literal life, to create here.  

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is bound to upset more than a few people.  As all great comedies should.  Comedy especially the type that Cohen deals in should be dangerous and this film is.  Enter at your own risk but needless to say it’s one of the funniest and shocking films of 2020.  

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Launches Globally on October 23rd Exclusively on Amazon Prime Video

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