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32 Malasaña Street – Nightstream Film Festival 2020

32 Malasana Street

32 Malasaña Street is an adroit, intelligent ghost story that doesn’t pull its punches.

A haunted house story that’s smart with its twists and turns.  So much so you won’t see things coming. 32 Malasaña Street by director Albert Pintó is a surprise winner.  

Madrid in the 1970s was a place of upheaval.  The death of General Franco did not end the paranoia of the fascist era in Spain.  It has begun to loosen the strict guidelines that allow Manolo (Iván Marcos), Candela (Bea Segura), and their family to move into a large apartment in the city.  Leaving behind the tumultuous drama in the small town they are from they have all new problems.  Their children Amparo (Begoña Vargas), Pepe (Sergio Castellanos), and Rafi (Iván Renedo) all in their own ways begin to see a spirit who begins to change all of their lives … for the worst. 

As the spirit begins to make itself and its intentions known the family turns to a spiritual medium Lola (María Ballesteros) and her mother Maruja (Concha Velasco) for help.  Amparo goes a different route and finds a secret truth that could be the key to everything.  

The hardest part of this review will be trying to not ruin the surprises that await a willing audience in the third act.  Needless to say that one will have to go on faith that 32 Malasaña Street is the real deal.  An oftentimes scary and thoroughly effective ghost story with more on its minds than just scares.  Director Pintó and screenwriters Ramón Campos, Gema R. Neira, David Orea, and Salvador S. Molina create a film in which everything is not as it appears and even in the final act when you think you understand the narrative … you really don’t. 

To say more would be to ruin what the cast and filmmakers have in store for an adventurous audience.  Needless to say that you’ve never seen a ghost story like this one.  Buy the ticket and take the ride.  You won’t regret it.  

32 Malasaña Street is playing Nightstream Film Festival 2020 through October 14th

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