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An Unquiet Grave – Nightstream Film Festival 2020

Unquiet Grave

A Chamber Piece about grief and what we will do for our loved ones.

Most films about the death of a loved one are often times maudlin and navel-gazing.  A topic that is harder to translate onscreen than most.  Co-Screenwriter/Actor Christine Nyland and Co-Screenwriter/Director Terence Krey find that the key to transcending the overwrought nature is to create a horror film.

Widower Jamie (Jacob A Ware) and Ava (Nyland) his deceased wife’s twin sister cannot process the grief of losing their loved one.  Jamie convinces Ava to perform a risky ritual.  A ritual to bring back their loved one.  But at what cost???

At a brisk 78-minutes, An Unquiet Grave wastes no time with plot machinations or additional contrivances.  The chamber piece is about these people and how they handle the expected death of someone they loved.  The film’s unique in that it never tries to over-explain the supernatural element thus taking away the power of the piece. 

Even amongst those genre films that work in the same realm, this film takes emotions and character over gore and genre conventions.  An Unquiet Grave is a somber quiet piece of horror devoid of histrionics that often fill films about the loss of someone.  

An Unquiet Grave is playing Nightstream Film Festival 2020 from October 11th to October 15th

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