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Nightstream: What to Be Excited About


Adam takes a look at Nightstream. The newest Genre Virtual Film Festival. We look at the films the Festival has to offer to get your Halloween started right.

Nightstream is possibly the most interesting of the virtual film festival of 2020.  A Collaborative Festival From Boston Underground, Brooklyn Horror, North Bend, Overlook, and Popcorn Frights Festival.  Running from October 8th to the 14th the festival has a series of films, shorts, moderated conversations, live podcasts, and much more.  

We’ve selected 10 films that are must-sees in our opinion.  

EMA (dir. Pablo Larraín) 

Larraín is an uncommon talent.  Not just Jackie but his work in NerudaThe Club, and No show a director able to bend the form to his will. All we need to know is the barest of plot lines and that Larraín is again working with Gael García Bernal to be excited about this one.  

The Doorman (dir. Ryûhei Kitamura) 

Why we’re excited? All you have to say is Ryûhei Kitamura’s name and you have our attention.  The director of Versus teaming up with Ruby Rose for a bloody Die Hard-Esque premise of a Doorman who must face off against a bunch of Criminal lead by Jean Reno.  

Leap of Faith: William Friedkin on The Exorcist (dir. Alexandre O. Phillippe) 

Why we’re excited?  The director of 78/52 takes on another infamous film and director.  Instead of Hitchcock and the infamous shower scene in Psycho, it’s Friedkin and The Exorcist.  If Phillippe can bring the sort of style and visual splendor that he did to 78/52 we should be in for an arresting documentary on one of the lauded and infamous horror films ever made.  

Run (dir. Aneesh Chaganty) 

Why we’re excited? After seeing Sara Paulson in the overwrought Ryan Murphy Ratched (seriously is there any other kind of Ryan Murphy?), we’re dying to see what Ms. Paulson has in store for us in what’s been described as a Hitchcockian thriller from the director of Searching.  If Chaganty can wring tension out of Web Browser and iPhone screens, imagine what they can do with an entire house? 

Bloody Hell (Alister Gierson) 

Why we’re excited? A Bank Robber flees his homeland after a video of him goes viral.  When he heads to Helsinki when something altogether more difficult to escape.  Sounds like the last fifty pages of Jim Thompson’s brilliant novel The Getaway.  Any film that mixes horror, crime, and comedy has our attention.  Note: if you’ve not read The Getaway and have only seen the two films it’s based on… read the book now.  

Detention (dir. John Hsu) 

Why we’re excited?  Since Jeff Ewing was on the B-Movie Podcast and praised the film coming out of Fantasia we’ve been dying to get a chance to see this film.  

Mandibles (dir. Quentin Dupiex) 

Why we’re excited? Quentin Dupiex Quentin Dupiex Quentin Dupiex Quentin Dupiex Quentin Dupiex Quentin Dupiex Quentin Dupiex Quentin Dupiex.  Yes, we’re over the hill excited for the director’s next effect whatever it may be.  His last Deerskin was a favorite when it played AFI in 2019.  

Breaking Surface (dir. Joachim Hedén) 

Hedén film sounds like Descent without the monsters.  Which is minus the monsters claustrophobic films if done correctly can be the kind of special thriller.

Dinner in America
Dinner in America

Dinner in America (dir. Adam Carter Rehmeier)

Why we’re excited?  Well, we’ve already seen this one and are dying for others to see it.  Need more?  Click here for my review of the film out of Fantasia.  


Hunted (dir. Vincent Paronnaud) 

Why we’re excited?  This one bowled us over at Fantasia.  Read my review of the film right here.  

Badges are on sale right now and individual tickets go on sale the 7th right before the festival begins.  

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