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Monster Seafood Wars – Fantasia Film Festival 2020

Monster Seafood Wars

Where Kaiju and Food culture collide is where Monster Seafood Wars makes its happy home.  

If you’re a fan of Kaiju and a foodie this nearly unclassifiable film could be your thing.  Monster Seafood Wars is the kind of lunacy that could only be produced in Japan. 

Yuta (Kasisuke Ueda) father’s annual offers to the Monks are stolen right from under him. Literally hours later two Kaiju the taking the same form as those fish offerings he lost, appear and begin to wreak havoc on the city.  It is up to SMAT (aka Seafood Monster Attack Team) to stop them.  Yuta cons his way onto the SMAT team that is heading this attack that includes the girl he loves and his rival.  As they begin to fight against the Kaiju, Tokyo erupts into a frenzy over the Kaiju meat, described as the best meat in the world. Can SMAT stop them?  Will they have the biggest seafood bowl in the world in time for the food festival? 

Even the above plot description does not give the full breadth of what is Monster Seafood Wars is.  Those heavily into Kaiju lore and all of its wonderful weirdness will be rewarded with a film that understands the troupes and uses them effectively.  Those that do not, Monster Seafood Wars is as entertaining a delightful exercise in foodie culture that one will see the 84-minute run time fly by. 

Writer/Director Minoru Kawasaki known in Japan for such absurdist comedies films as Executive Koala and Earth Defense Widow brings a hi-tech/lo-fi quality to the film.  This is not Pacific Rim or Godzilla (2014) or even Shin Godzilla.  The handcrafted nature of the proceedings recalls the early era Gamera or Monthra films. Though they’re funny and fun they’re always done with a respect and affection for the genre.

Monster Seafood Wars is a love letter to the handcrafted Showa Era Kaiju films with the sensibilities of the modern era and the comedy of the absurd that Kawasaki is known for. 

Monster Seafood Wars is playing Fantasia as apart of their On-Demand Section

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