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The B-Movie Podcast: Summer of Comedy – Summer School


Adam and Scott go back to High School for the Summer to attend Mr. Shoope’s Remedial English class in Carl Reiner’s Summer School.

Summer School is one of those perennial cable comedy classics that kids of the 80s watched so much on HBO it was taken for granted how great of a comedy it is. Rather than being anti-school like so many High School Comedies (Rock ‘n Roll High School comes to mind), this film is pro-education and pro-kid, something rare. Rarer still, it’s a film that proposes that Kids such be taught to their strengths, not by some formula. Radical notions for a film directed by Carl Reiner who was in his 60s at the time.

Our Closing Music comes courtesy again from Danny Elfman (he closed out Back To School and coincidentally the composer for Summer School too). Though, Adam almost picked EG Daily’s banger Mind Over Matter.

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