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The B-Movie Podcast: Hanging out with Shane and Adam


Welcome to the party pal!  

CLANKITY-CLANK-CLANK… (you’ll get it once you listen to the podcast)

Shane Singletary joins Adam filling in Co-host duties for Scott on this epic 2+ hour deep dive into our viewing habits.  Also, whiskey, a lot of whiskey.  Listen as Adam gets progressively drunker and drunker (it’s around the 90-minute mark).

They talk the movies they’ve watched during this COVID-19 Lockdown, welcome being hit by James “Don’t Call me Jimmy” Caan, Peter Berg’s previous life as an actor, Divorced Dad’s always showing films to their sons’ films they shouldn’t, the badassery of Sonny Landham, Bad Ah-nuld impersonations, Adam’s laugh (which oddly sounds like DeNiro’s in Cape Fear), and so much more.

The music we open and close the podcast with is of course Alan Silvestri’s score for Predator.

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Here’s list of all the films we discussed on the podcast:

The Star Wars Series 

Ruthless People

Grosse Pointe Blank 

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Director’s Cut)  

Kingdom of Heaven (Director’s Cut)

Dodge Ball 

The Abyss

A Woman Under the Influence 

Sudden Death 


Unlawful Entry 

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle 

The Stunt Man 

Color of Night – Director’s Cut 

Amazon – SXSW 

Casino Royale 

Portrait of a Lady on Fire 


Invisible Man 

Harley Quinn 

Star Wars – 4k 

Streaming vs Disc 

Raging Bull – Criterion 


Blue Valentine 

Between the Valley of the Pines 

Cure for Wellness 


Hands of Steel 

Murder at 1600 

Marked for Death 

Halloween 4

Halloween 3 

Tom Aktin action 

Nightmare at Noon 

Red Dawn 

Southern Comfort 

Millius (The Documentary, Amazon Prime)

Long Rider 

No Time to Die 


Dr. No

Die Hard 

Home Alone 

Lethal Weapon

Nice Guys 

The Rockford Files


Freebie & Bean 

The Godfather

Brian Song / Brian Song the Remake 

Aspen Extreme

Hot Dog


The Terminator 


The Fan


First Blood Part II 


Beverly Hills Cop 

48 HRS 


Die Hard

The Hunt For Red October

Blood In, Blood Out

American Me 

Patroit Games 

Clear and Present Danger 

The Lighthouse 

The Florida Project 

At Entirety’s gate 

The Butterfly and the Bell Jar

Tango and Cash

Point Break






The Invisible Man (2019)

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

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