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The B-Movie Podcast: The Invisible Man (2020) & Social Distancing


Adam and Scott are back to discuss Leigh Whannell’s brilliant The Invisible Man (2020) and the changing landscape of how we watch movies (and what’s available).

We’ve gone from 0 to 100 real quick.

Yeah, we can be all doomsday about everything. We can recommend or worse cover some pandemic or virus film. We won’t though. Rather we’ve decided to be positive and look for a silver lining. Adam and Scott, two gents not prone to positivity have sided on just that.

First, they discuss what they’ve been watching.

Scott: Prime Suspect (available on Hulu)

Adam: Police Academy 1 – 7 (available on Netflix)

The Michael Winslow Led Zepplin clip that Scott was talking about.

Then onto the Main Topic. The changing landscape and the films that were a few weeks ago atop the Box Office.

Scott watched:

The Hunt (available for rent on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu)

The other films we discussed in regards to The Hunt:

Surviving the Game (dir. Ernest Dickerson)

Hard Target (dir. John Woo)

Adam watched:

The Invisible Man (available to rent on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu)

The other films we discussed in regards to The Invisible Man:

Upgrade (dir. Leigh Whannell)

Insidious Chapter 3 (dir. Leigh Whannell)

The Music that follows our Podcast is from Benjamin Wallfsich’s great atmospheric score for The Invisible Man (2020). Follow him on YouTube here.

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