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Kobayashi Marie: The Podcast – Episode 9

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Picard Season 1 Episode 9 – Et in Arcadia Ego Part 1

Marie and Brendan return for the next instalment of the latest Star Trek series, Picard.                     

Warning: We will definitely be spoiling this episode of Picard, and we have the potential to spoil episodes from other Star Trek series and films too, so please be warned.

We’re a little later than usual what with one thing and another, but we made it!

Brendan’s on fire with his predictions this week (remember, he was right about Agnes), with the result that Marie overuses the word Wow – approximately once for each Romulan warbird on its way to Coppelius.

We were partly right last week about what we would see on the planet but were also confused by a couple of things.

Lots and lots of questions this week; why does Agnes seem to get special treatment? Why did Data never mention his brother before? What is Soong up to? What actually was Soji’s mission? Can you teach yourself to do a Vulcan mind-meld (if so, sign us up!).

Of course, we looked forward to what we might expect in the season finale, and even what we might expect for Season 2.

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And never forget: “If you can’t win, change the conditions of the test.” – James T Kirk

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