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Picard Season 1 Episode 4 – Absolute Candor

Marie and Brendan return for the next instalment of the latest Star Trek series, Picard.                     

Warning: We will definitely be spoiling this episode of Picard, and we have the potential to spoil episodes from other Star Trek series and films too, so please be warned.

We’re well and truly on a space mission now, as we get to visit another planet *and* we get a catfight in space too! There are also a couple of new characters who pop up – and some more of Rios’ Emergency Holograms.

Among other things, we chat about the father/son relationship and whether Jean-Luc Picard just isn’t cut out for that kind of thing. 

We talk about Space Nazis, Romulan Warrior Nuns (yes that’s actually a thing), and why they’re still using swords as weapons on Vashti. We also wonder about the value of binding yourself to a lost cause – just how rewarding a career choice could that possibly be?

We are both a little frustrated by the Soji/Narek/Rizzo storyline which just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere at the moment. Will Narek *ever* directly answer any of Soji’s questions? Just how exciting is it to go sliding down a corridor on a Borg cube?

Brendan is back with another Godfather parallel and also thinks he might have seen a tentative connection to a character from The Original Series. Marie is still puzzling over who Soji’s parents are. 

And we both totally forgot to mention that this episode was directed by Jonathan Frakes!

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And never forget: “If you can’t win, change the conditions of the test.” – James T Kirk

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