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Picard Season 1 Episode 2 – Maps and Legends

Marie and Brendan return for the next installment of the latest Star Trek series, Picard.                     

Warning: We will definitely be spoiling this episode of Picard, and we have the potential to spoil episodes from other Star Trek series and films too, so please be warned.

There was so much exposition to absorb this episode, and Brendan was on top form again with his Piquant Picard Precis Prompts.

We struggled this week with some characters who we think have connections to Jean Luc in other media – such as comic books which we haven’t read – and ruminated over the heap of people Picard seems to have fallen out with in recent years (mostly women in power for some reason).

We talk about how our characters from last week are developing, and how the new ones this week seem to have a lot of secrets to conceal – the cheeky feckers! We also discuss whether we think the amazing digital detective work is so easy for a reason, and wonder whether we’re being wilfully misdirected.

We celebrate Earl Grey tea and the ’86 Château Picard vintage, snarl at the space Nazis and their use of language to isolate and speculate as to who exactly Lt Rizzo is, and why the arrogant Narek seems to be under her thumb to such an extent.

And we try to figure out what’s real and what’s Irumodic Syndrome.

Of course, Marie has another couple of wild theories that she couldn’t resist sharing. 

And yes, Brendan crowbars in another Godfather reference for good measure.

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