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To the Polls: Best On-Going Action Series

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The Movie Isle has begun a new bit of fun. To the Polls is going to be a weekly poll on … whatever strikes our EIC and Staff Writer’s Fancy. This week, we’re going to let our EIC explain it.

“I can’t live life a quarter mile at a time anymore”, Dom Toretto F9 (2020)

I couldn’t help it. I laughed the entire run-time of the F9 trailer. Then when the final moment happened. You know the one. Where the dude behind the other dude behind the other dude eating snackies came in… I was almost in tears. Not of joy or emotion… just at how ridiculous this all is.


At that moment I realized that as much as I loved the Fast & Furious franchise, was it the Best Action series? I’ve heard a lot of chatter about that. For my money there are a few others that this one has to contend with. I wasn’t sure which was the best.

How does one determine the King of the Action Ring?

The answer is simply, no one person can. No. One. Person. I could pronounce, stupidly, that such-and-such was the King of the Action Ring but… you would roast me. Roast me hard too.

Don’t we live in a Democracy (for now)???

So, I present to you this. Let us settle it with a good old fashioned Poll/Vote. What is the best On-going Action Series? Now a few notes on how we did this;

1.) The series had to have had a film released in the last 3 years. (It takes a long time for some of these behemoths to take form)

2.) The series had to have three films, in total, released by no later than December 2020.

3.) The series had to be action based.

4.) No Comic Book Movies.


That was it. I created a list of the Six Currently running dujour action series for you to vote on. There is a seventh spot that will allow you to fill in an alt-choice. That’s for all those that want to be cute and “well actually…” us. The Poll/Voting will close Next Monday at 6:59 pm PST, where a winner will be announced in ceremonious fashion on Tuesday. Thus ending this debate for all times (and beginning a new Poll/Vote).

In Alphabetical order your choices are:

Bad Boys


The Fast and Furious


John Wick


Mission: Impossible


Enter as Many times as you like, as often as you like. Again the Winner will be announced next Tuesday, February 18th!

Good Luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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