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The B-Movie Podcast: 1st Annual Alt-Oscars


You’ve read the nominees. You’ve voted on the awards. Now it’s time to talk about the winners! The first annual Alt-Oscars from the B-Movie Podcast!

Joining Adam and Scott to talk all the great films that did NOT get nominated for Oscars are fellow staff writers Marie O’Sullivan and Shane Singletary. Making special appearances are Spencer Howard from Supermassivepop and Kristen Lopez of The Movie Isle and Forbes!

As Non-Acamedy Award winner, Samuel L. Jackson said, “hold on to your butts!” Like the Oscars, this is a marathon podcast clocking in at close to almost 3-hours. It’s unlike the Oscars because it’s HIGHLY ENTERTAINING for the entire runtime. Don’t believe me??? Give it a whirl and listen.

Thank you to everyone for the closing song choice. It was one of the more egregious misses by the Academy this year.

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