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Blu-Ray Review: Arrow Video’s Mega Time Squad

Mega Time Squad

Mega Time Squad is a daft but likable low-budget time-traveling crime caper from Kiwi director Tim van Dammen.

Likable idiot John (Anton Tennet) is a small-time crook who decides to break away from his small-town gangster boss, steal some money and get the girl, all with the help of a Chinese bracelet that allows him to time travel.

That may sound ridiculous (and of course it is), but mixed with the quirky New Zealand humour with which we’re becoming increasingly familiar, Mega Time Squad is a daft but likable low-budget time-traveling crime caper from Kiwi director Tim van Dammen.

Surrounded by a small cohort of supporting actors (including a particularly effective Jonny Brugh as inept crime boss Shelton), the heavy lifting is done by Anton Tennet playing multiple versions of the same character as he (and they) attempt to thwart Shelton, the Chinese triad and each other to end up with enough money to escape the town of Thames, and begin again half an hour’s drive down the road in the even smaller town of Paeroa with the girl. It’s been John’s dream to have his own gang, but he needs to find the guts to break away – and the stolen bracelet with special powers could just be the key.

Of course, we all know how it is when you meet yourself from another timeline – things are bound to get complicated, and Mega Time Squad is no different. But there’s no need to worry about keeping up with events – it doesn’t actually matter how or whether the time travel works, but it sets up a very funny premise of multiple Johns from various timelines helping each other out of tricky situations.

It’s not a heavy science fiction classic, but it’s an entertainingly silly film which will pass 86 minutes quite easily.

The special features on the HD Blu-Ray release include an audio commentary from director van Dammen, which contains not only great behind the scenes information on how he managed to film scenes on such a low budget, but also the director collapsing into fits of laughter at his own on-screen material. You’ll find that particular element either hilarious or really annoying depending on how much you appreciate people laughing at their own jokes. There’s also a short interview with the director by FrightFest’s Paul McEvoy, along with trailers and image galleries.

Mega Time Squad is released on Blu-Ray by Arrow Video on 20thMay

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