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Kobayashi Marie #27: Star Trek Discovery Sn 2 Ep 12

Kobayashi Marie

Kobayashi Marie continues its adventure into the second season that is Star Trek Discovery with Episode 12 – Through the Valley of the Shadow.

We are evacuating Discovery

At the end of the last episode, Ash Tyler (Shazad Latif) looked like he was a goner, having taken a hefty stab to the abdomen. There was a hint that he might have escaped, but nothing concrete. And now here he is, at the centre of things, ‘reaching out’ to L’Rell (Mary Chieffo) for assistance as the next red signal appears. In fact, Through the Valley of Shadows is such a big episode for Tyler that it struck me as strange that absolutely no mention is made of his last-minute escape. 

Anyway, for viewers hearing that the red signal has appeared at the Klingon planet of Boreth, this should set bells ringing immediately. Because Boreth is the very place that Ash visited earlier this season to leave his son in safety at the monastery to Kahless.

This is clearly #awkward as now he has to confess to Michael (Sonequa Martin-Green) that he is a father. Michael is remarkably understanding. I can honestly say that if my beloved suddenly told me about a child, I definitely would need some time to process this information. I mean, I’d probably get there in the end, but this is a bit of a curveball, no?

To break up a bit of a domestic between Tyler and L’Rell, Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) says that he will be the one to visit Boreth and return with a time crystal. And so off he goes, wearing a very natty parka with Starfleet insignia – it’s a lovely light grey number in a fabulous cut and shape, and I would very much like to have one if there are any going spare please and thank you very much.

The set design for Boreth is also very impressive, which is pleasing; Pike deserves a worthy backdrop for what he is about to discover. Not content with the flash of Vina from Thalos IV the other week, by taking hold of one of the time crystals Pike now gets to seal his future – a future which we viewers already know from The Menagerie but which can only be a devastating revelation for him. At least he gets to go back and deliver the news to L’Rell and Tyler that their son, Tenavik (Kenneth Mitchell) is now all grown up … in just a matter of months.

Meanwhile, Saru (Doug Jones) agrees to let Michael go and check out the Section 31 vessel – but he sends Spock (Ethan Peck) as back up. I laughed out loud when Michael let out that frustrated cry – someone with siblings will recognise it only too well. I really love the rebonding of the siblings, and think both writers and actors have got the development of their relationship just right. But that in itself unfortunately makes it really obvious that there is never, ever any mention of Michael in TOS.

Particularly as Spock keeps saving Michael’s life – as he does in this episode too. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Michael is key to whatever is going on. Perhaps I’m misreading things, but when they got back to the ship, I thought it a little strange that Spock was standing on the bridge with his arm in a sling. I would have imagined that some device in sick bay could have sorted out that injury immediately – perhaps the actor himself was genuinely injured?

Or maybe Spock just didn’t have time to seek medical attention – after all, Section 31 has surrounded Discovery and it looks like the only option is to destroy the ship.

Which means that they all have to go somewhere else.

To Enterprise??!!

Kobayashi Marie will be back next Wednesday with an all new column for Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery

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