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Kobayashi Marie #11: Star Trek Discovery Ep. 12

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Kobayashi Marie continues its discussion of the first season of Star Trek Discovery with Episode 12 – Vaulting Ambition

I am so happy to see Michelle Yeoh back in Discovery – and she looks fantastic in the mirrorverse outfit!

Whereas Sarek was the parent figure in Michael Burnham’s (Sonequa Martin-Green) past in our original universe, this time it’s Georgiou. Emperor Georgiou to you my friend.  So she invites her for dinner, and serves her the Kelpien that she selected earlier. Was not expecting that.

Neither was I expecting the batarang execution of half a dozen people in the audience room. Georgiou is not messing around, is she? For some reason she believes Burnham’s disclosure that she’s from another universe, but doubts that Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs) is. The light aversion is what convinces Burnham, and we all see that the clues have been there all along. It’s been an elaborate plan to get to Georgiou. I mean, Lorca clearly knows how to play the long game.

So if Lorca wasn’t really trying to get out of this universe, then what options are left for our original Discovery crew? As ever, Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp) is the key once more. If I remember correctly, Stamets is the only character who actually meets his mirrorverse counterpart (with the exception of Tyler and Voq, which isn’t quite the same). With the two Stamets (Stameti? Stami?) working together, they realise that someone has sabotaged things, but it takes an apparition of Hugh Culber (Wilson Cruz) to convince our guy that his counterpart is also part of the problem. And it looks like he found out too late …

Which leaves us with Tyler/Voq (Shazad Latif), who does a lot of yelling this episode. I guess it’s understandable. Now that he’s conscious of being a hybrid, the conflict is too much, and he’s coming apart at the seams. L’Rell (Mary Chieffo) to the rescue – for the moment anyway. In the same way that Jean-Luc Picard became entwined with the Borg, I wonder if there is any Tyler left in there at all? It’s killing me.

Kobayashi Marie will be back on next Wednesday with an all new column continuing its on-going journey to (for now) recap Season 1 of Star Trek Discovery

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