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The Revamp #4: Harold and Maude

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Graham Phillips

While, like many, I am still getting to know Phillips and his on-screen abilities, there is just something about his picture and growing resume of an actor (The Good Wife (2009-2016) and Riverdale (2017-18)) that just clicked. He has experience with the dramatic and the comedic and could possibly blend the two to give a reasonable performance compared to Cort’s, which at times was strong and others lukewarm at best. While other options, such as last month’s column

Timothée Chalamet, seemed like an immediate answer, we can and should always give budding actors and actresses a chance to have the spotlight.


Julie Walters

Molly Weasley. Mrs. Wilkinson. The witch from Brave (2012).

These are just some of the iconic, prolific, and delightfully sarcastic and humorous roles played by the star that is Julie Walters. Sharp, cunning, and yet maternal, Walters has the pep and spirit of Maude, as well as the emotional range to play the more tender moments of her persona that come towards the climax of the plot. Although there might be another name that will come to mind for the part after this article is published, it is hard to think of anyone today that could match Walter’s range and warmth.

Mrs. Chasen

Frances McDormand and Martin McDonagh. Photo: Magnus Sundholm for the HFPA.

Frances McDormand

Much like Walters, the personas that McDormand has graced audiences with for decades could all serve her well as Harold’s luxurious yet uncomfortable mother, Mrs. Chasen. Name any Coen brothers film she has been in, and I can guarantee that the dark sarcasm beneath each one’s exterior (yes, even Fargo’s Marge Gunderson) could make an appearance in Chasen if the film were to be remade. If she or Jonez wanted to go another route with the character, one would also trust McDormand to take that alternate path and deliver something that audiences will enjoy just as much.   

The Revamp will be back in March with something all together different!

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