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The B-Movie Podcast: This is America Unjustice – Thelma and Louise


Welcome to our second on-going series of the season; This is America.  America can be defined so many ways… through its people, through its ideals, through its politics, how others view us.  Here in this series we are defining America through forgotten or in some case not-so-forgotten Films. These 12 films showcase the very best and sometimes the very worst of America.  Light the sparklers and fire up the BBQ because we’re about to have some very interesting Podcasts.

We’ve got Special Co-Hosts!!!! Movie Isle Writers Marie O’Sullivan and Olivia Moe have joined us this episode to discuss the film.

Thelma and Louise and the duo played so indelibly by Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis do not get a quarter of the respect that their male counterparts do.  If this was a film starring say Jeff Bridges and Kurt Russell at the time, no one would think twice and would have been an instant classic.  The Ridley Scott directed and Callie Khouri scripted (which she won the Oscar for) film is defiantly feminist at a time when feminist actions films weren’t even a thing.  What starts off as a “girls trip” for waitress Louise (Sarandon) and Thelma (Davis) ends in a justified shooting.  The police lead by the only conscientious objector Slocumb (Harvey Keitel) doesn’t seem to think so.  Guns, convertibles, liquor store robberies, exploding gas tanker, and a shirtless young Brad Pitt all contribute to this wild trip that may end not so well for our heroes.  Thelma and Louise are as much Butch and Sundance as any other duo claiming to be as such.  They also have a much-debated all-timer ending.

Year Released: 1991

Director(s): Ridley Scott

Writer(s): Callie Khouri

Cast:  Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, Christopher McDonald, Stephen Tobolowsky, Brad Pitt, Timothy Carhart, Jason Beghe, Marco St. John

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