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The B-Movie Podcast: Allow me to Reintroduce my Podcast


As Jay Z said… Allow me to reintroduce my Podcast!!!!  That’s right folks The B-Movie Podcast is back better than ever at a new home on The Movie Isle!

Welcome back to The B-Movie Podcast!  We’ve made the jump from our old home at Film Dispenser to our new home with The Movie Isle.  During this “Re-Branding” process Adam (Creator/Host/Producer of The B-Movie Podcast) has also decided to change a few things with regards to running the podcast.  Don’t worry, our format of weekly double features hasn’t changed.  You’ll have to tune into the podcast to find what’s new fun and exciting changes we have in store for you.

During the “Re-Branding” we’ve still been active on social media.  You can still find us at the normal places like Twitter, and Instagram but… we’ve also opened a Letterboxd account!  Click on the links below to follow us on Social Media!!!

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