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Blu-Ray Review: Kino Lorber’s Double Trouble (KL Studio Classics) 

Double Trouble

The Barbarian Brothers aka Peter and David Paul were a thing in the ’80s and ’90s.  You had to be there but now you can relive it partially in the 90’s cult oddity action-comedy Double Trouble.  New to Blu-ray from Kino Lorber.  

The Film 

What. A. Time. To. Be. Alive.

Honestly, the sentiment is through and through how this reviewer feels.  Especially, when something like Double Trouble comes to Blu-Ray.  This is the kind of pleasant surprise you would have found at the bottom of the video shelf regardless of where it was supposed to be placed.  Yes, the script does feel very JCVD during his “twinning” era (Jean-Claude definitely loved playing either a twin or variant of himself throughout his career) but that isn’t a bad thing as Double Trouble has enough in the tank to still entertain action fans.  

The story is your standard “brothers on opposite sides of the law”.  One is the straight and narrow Cop David Jade (David Paul).  The other is a loosey-goosey burglar Peter Jade (Peter Paul) whose signature is leaving a cat graphitized at the scene of the crime – get it… cat burglar.  Peter ends up stealing something he shouldn’t have and puts himself in the crosshairs of a true master criminal Phillip Chamberlain (Roddy McDowall).  Hijinks ensue that end with a shootout in the most ’90s of all places… an airport hangar.  

The part that makes the film so entertaining is not just David and Peter but the cast they have surrounding them.  McDowall isn’t the only eyebrow-raising casting.  David Carradine, Troy Donahue, James Doohan, Bill Mumy, Timothy Stack, and Lewis Arquette all have supporting or cameo appearances.  But none seem to be phoning it in, all giving real performances.  Though it is the brothers Paul aka the Barbarian brothers center stage – who truly seem to be having the time of their lives – giving each other shit like real brothers would do.

Grab a pizza (Little Casers, an early 90s staple) and a case of beer (Bud Light, also another early 90s staple), and get ready to enjoy the cinematic masterpiece that is Double Trouble.  Trust me when I say, you won’t be disappointed.  

The Transfer

The image provided to Kino Lorber is clean and free of blemishes producing a handsome image that feels like a well-cared-for 35mm print.  The transfer retains a beautiful patina of grain that gives it that filmic look that we so love in the best quality transfers.  Bravo to KL for taking such good care and consideration when bringing this oddity to home video. 

The Extras

  • Trailers

Trailers for Double Trouble (1:52), The Barbarians (1:39), Sinbad of the Seven Seas (1:10) 

The Final Thought 

For fans of 80s and 90s action films, Double Trouble will be the cat nip to your filmic interests.  Recommended. 

Kino Lorber’s Blu-Ray edition of Double Trouble is out now. 

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