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Blu-Ray Review: Well Go USA’s Project Wolf Hunting 

Project Wolf Hunting

Project Wolf Hunting was one of the best – if not the best – action film of 2022.  It’s now on Blu-Ray thanks to Well Go USA! 

The Film 

If HOLY-FUCKING-SHIT was an action movie Project Wolf Hunting would be that very film.  What starts off as CON AIR set aboard a shipping container boat mutates into something altogether more … magnificent.  

A group of the most dangerous South Korean criminals are rounded up in the Philippines in a government-sanctioned operation.  They are housed in a shipping container vessel for the long trip home for prosecution.  The boat guarantees no escape attempts or retribution against law enforcement is made.  Though these criminals are smarter and as well-equipped as the federal agents taking them in.  As chaos ensues there is a darker more sinister force that is unleashed.  One that cares of nothing of allegiance, only its super-powered blood lust.  

Project Wolf Hunting is the movie that CON AIR would be ripped limb from limb only to then have its face gnawed off.  The film’s geysers of blood and gore make even the hardest of hardcore Prison Action films quiver in fear.  I would dare to invoke the monumental work Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky As the only film that comes close to the sort of mania that is at play here. 

Though it isn’t just the copious amounts of gore but how writer/director Kim Hong-sun has expertly staged the action and crafted a masterful thrill ride.  Transcending beyond its subgenre trappings, Project Wolf Hunting aspires to be more than just good action.  It aims and wildly succeeds at being a singular action experience in the way that John Wick – and the aforementioned Riki-Oh – is singularly unique.  

Director Kim along with his stunt team have created set pieces that are always inventive, brutal, and most importantly build story and character.  This South Korean piece of badass cinema is smart enough to use practical gore and atrial spray the way that most films nowadays go for the “fix it in post” mentality.  There is so much in store for an unsuspecting audience that watches Project Wolf Hunting.  To spoil rather than prepare what’s in store for anyone would be to truly ruin one of the great delirious action films of the last decade.  

The Transfer

Well Go USA continues to provide fans of their genre output with some of the best transfers currently on the market.  The only way that Project Wolf Hunting could possibly look better is if Well Go USA at some point puts the film out on 4K UHD.  The transfer is at the very edge of what is possible with the Blu-Ray format.  The razor-sharp image has zero defects or issues.  The film at points is filmed in the darkness of a storm at sea.  Basically, a recipe for a transfer nightmare.  Even during the most chaotic of those scenes, the Blu-Ray handles those would-be issues with ease.  Color reproduction, contrast, and black levels are flawless.  In short, this is one of the best transfers in recent memory.  

The Extras

They include the following;

  • Behind the Scenes 
  • Making the Alpha 
  • Trailers  

Behind the Scenes (4:46) – the cast and crew led by director Kim take us through the making of this stunts and FX-heavy film aboard an actual cargo ship.  This EPK-style featurette is filled with great behind-the-scenes b-roll footage. The only wish is that it was longer. 

Making the Alpha (1:24) – an all-too-brief look at what it took for actor Gwi-hwa Choi to get into the make-up heavy role of The Alpha. 

Rounding out the special features are trailers for Project Wolf Hunting (2:17), Alienoid (2:07), The Grandmaster of Kung Fu (1:17), Emergency Declaration (1:38)

The Final Thought 

Project Wolf Hunting is destined to be a Classic of the genre.  Well Go USA has provided the film with the best picture and sound possible on Blu-Ray.  Highest Possible recommendations.  

Well Go USA’s Blu-Ray edition of Project Wolf Hunting is out February 14th

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