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Moving Pictures Vol. 31: See What I See

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Violent Night

This year’s Christmas Eve outing with my father and baby bro, and we had a great time with it. It’s no reinvention of the wheel, and maybe it’s a little too homage-y to other great Christmas classics for some folks, but we were laughing and cheering the whole film. Not one for the young kiddie, but I think if you’re looking for something new and non-traditional to watch for next Christmas, this is one to consider.

Avatar: The Way of Water

I saw the first Avatar with Ryan and his stepdaughter Kayla the weekend it opened, in IMAX 3D. All three of us were enthralled by the sheer beauty film and got emotionally caught up in the plot as well. I got to see the sequel alone, but again in IMAX 3D, and while I was sad that she was far too busy with work and life to really nail down a time to see it together, and of course, Ryan is not with us to be able to see it, by the end (much like in Clerks III) I was happy to have had the experience by myself. It was more thrilling, beautiful, and emotionally charged than the first film, which may not feel like a huge compliment, but I loved this movie. Every part of it.

Everything Everywhere All At Once

This isn’t the film I ended the year watching, I actually saw it in theatres during its pretty stellar run early in 2022. I saved it for last because, really, I think it’s the only film worthy of bearing the title “Best of 2022,” no matter my feelings (or anyone else’s) about what I (or they) watched last year. Sure, it’s all subjective and the movie has its share of retractors, they’re just wrong. The film shook me to my core, moved my soul in ways I didn’t think possible, and made me reconsider my entire life. There wasn’t anything remotely like it last year, or possibly any year before it. Life is a beautiful, complicated, short, ugly mess and we have the ability to negatively and positively impact everyone we meet and everyone they will meet. Sometimes it’s all of those things all at the same time. We take it for granted when we shouldn’t and we hold it as too precious when we should be laid back and easygoing. It is everything. I laughed and cried, sometimes simultaneously, and when I walked out of the theatre I was a different person. 

I know that was far more than I’ve ever written for this column, and I thank you all for sticking with me as I recount the films of 2022 that I was fortunate enough to see. As I said, there were more than I realized. Here’s to even more experiences at the theatre (or maybe even at home) with the films of 2023.

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