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Streaming Review: The Great American Baking Show – Celebrity Holiday 

The Great American Baking Show – Celebrity Holiday

Paul and Prue are back in the Tent for the American version of the Great Baking Show! and they’ve got two new American co-hosts, Ellie Kemper and Zach Cherry. Oh, and the celebrity guest!  

Buckle up for fun, laughs, and BEASTMODE!  That’s right.  The Great American Baking Show is coming back on Roku but before we get a full-on season.  We’re getting a Celebrity Holiday Edition.  

At this point a decade or more into the Great British Baking Show you know if you’re in the bag or not.  If you’re not… well this is the perfect moment to dip your toe.  Only one episode clocking in at around 70 minutes you get the full GBBS experience but with some added bonus points that they’ve got American Celebrities baking.  Whom may you ask?  

SNL Star Chole Fineman 

Comedian and Actor Nat Faxon

NFL Legend Marshawn Lynch … yes, Beastmode is here.

Comedian and Actor D’Arcy Carden 

Comedian, Writer, and Actor Joel Kim Booster 

Social Media Influence Liza Koshy 

With the six along with Paul, Prue, Ellie, and Zach the stage is set for the kind of Baking Challenges and wonderful interactions you expect from the baking competition.  They have literally changed nothing for the American version.  You have your Signature, Technical, and Showstopper Challenges.  

I was a little skeptical at the beginning especially with many of the bakers saying they’d never baked before.  What was skepticism turned into delight as each of the celebs – barring Liza Koshy whose shrill influencer mania did NOT charm this review and actually did quite the opposite – finds their way and their styles through the three challenges.  

Though it must be stated if there is a WINNER not a Winner of the show it’s Marshawn Lynch.  The man they call Beastmode is an entertaining and adept baker.  The way that Lynch’s natural charm and attitude meshes with Paul and Prue will have any fan of the show both laughing and hoping that Lynch himself gets a cooking show.  Yes, he’s that entertaining and naturally charming.  Wait till you hear his explanation of his Signature challenge.  

In the end, GBBS fans and non-fans, buckle up for an utterly charming and delightfully entertaining edition of the Stateside version of our favorite Baking Competition.  

Christmas treats indeed!!! 

THE GREAT AMERICAN BAKING SHOW: CELEBRITY HOLIDAY Will Be Available Exclusively on The Roku Channel on December 2, 2022

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