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Deadstream – Fantasia Film Festival 2022


What happens when you mix The Evil Dead and modern-day social media influencer culture?  You get Deadstream, playing at Fantasia Film Festival 2022.

Writer/Directors Vanessa and Joseph Winter create a winner in the horror comedy sub-genre.  Deadstream is helped by a hilarious lead performance by Jason K. Wixom.

The film does a great job of using the aspect of live streaming to adroit story points and setups.  Oftentimes any film that’s proposing to be “found footage” or in this case and more recently “live footage” is all in how it’s executed.  Deadstream is a case where they use it as a benefit and not because they’re looking to create something “cheap and fast”.  The Winters in fact excel in creating a film that’s all about the details and having a sharp eye.  They imbue enough horror, humor, and socially acute commentary to be entertaining for all horror fans. Also, a huge benefit is actor Wixom and co-star Melanie Stone as they both bring their A-Game to the film.  Wixom’s Shawn is part Ash by way of Hudson from Aliens.  Stone is a great foil to Wixom but to go into her role would ruin some of the fun of the piece.  The only minor complaint is the plot setup is half of the film and at 82 minutes one wishes they could have found an easier way to unleash the torrents of hell sooner.  Minor quibbles aside, once the fun house of horrors begins Deadstream soars with an entertaining mixture of comedy, gore, scares, and some great practical make-up FX work.  Many will find this an entertaining night filled with enough laughter and gross-out horror to satisfy the Sam Raimi connoisseur in them.  

Deadstream plays Fantasia Film Festival on July 23rd

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