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Alien on Stage – Fantasia Film Festival 2021

Alien on Stage

Alien on Stage is short on strife but long on charm. 

Most Documentaries’ inflection points are strife and turmoil.  Directors like Errol Morris and Kirby Dick have built amazing films and careers off it.  There is however a section of documentaries that are designed and purpose is just to make you feel good.  There isn’t anything wrong with this style of documentary just one is always prepared for this kind of experience going in.  Alien on Stage is definitely on the infotainment spectrum of Documentaries.  Its the kind and heartwarming take on a small-town acting company does well is excellent in all regards. 

There is an almost Christopher Guest-equese style of how the film unfolds with the setup, the characters, and eventually the payoff.  The setup: a group of amateurs from Dorset, England get together to make a stage adaptation of Ridley Scott’s classic Alien.  The characters: this amateur theatre company are all bus drivers!  The payoff: after their performances in Dorset something amazing happens… 

Yes, I could tell you what the payoff is but part of the charm is watching everything unfold.  Directors Lucy Harvey and Danielle Kummer keep everything so low-key charming and feel good you can’t help but root for the group.  Even if you know exactly what the outcome will be.  Alien on Stage is the kind of 86-minute film that produces effortless feel-good vibes you won’t be disappointed in watching.  

Alien on Stage is playing Fantasia Film Festival 2021 virtually on-demand now

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