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Marie’s 2020 Lockdown First-time Watches

Marie's First Time Watches 2020

Number 2        Dekalog (1989, dir Krzysztof Kieślowski)

Yes, in its entirety. 

Having adored the Arrow Academy box-set Cinema of Conflict: Four Films by Krzysztof Kieślowski (see Number 4above) I noticed that the box-set of Dekalog was available on their site, so I picked it up as it had been on my watch list for quite some time. I was not disappointed. As a complete work, these 10 hours must be among the best ever made. I ranked and reviewed them as I watched them in this list, and there’s very little to choose between most of them in terms of ranking. On one viewing only, my absolute favourite was 5, the one I liked least was 3, and spots 4-8 are pretty much all on the same level. I’m sure I will watch these again and again, and I’m also sure the order will be flexible too. But what an amazing collection of films.

Number 1        La Grande Illusion (1937, dir Jean Renoir)

Apart from the fact that Jean Gabin was a total snack, it’s amazing to think that this film with a definite anti-war and anti-class system sentiment appeared so presciently in 1937. Also loved the editing; no hanging around, everything moves on at a fair pace. I also laughed out loud several times; the humour was spot on! So happy to have discovered this over 80 years after it was made.

Isn’t cinema wonderful!

(Editor’s Note: When you have a list like Marie does in 2020… it isn’t just Wonderful it’s transcendent.)

Marie will be back later this week for her Top Ten of 2020!

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